Top 10 Cabs in Hyderabad

Rank: #1 | Orange Cabs
Rating: 4.7/5 | Phone Number: 91 40 44454647 | Website:
About company: Orange Cabs in Hyderabad is an innovator in Andhra Pradesh to introduce meter taxis with two way communications system and call center facilities. It manages with the pack of 150 cars registered under the brand Orange Cabs. The customer can ask the cab phone to call the center and even online. Orange Cabs is the largest operator of  metered taxi brand Hyderabad. It works around the clock service with state-of-the-art communication technologies of the central control room supported by call center 30 the number of seats. Its team of fleet management is strongly committed with technical skills and keeps the taxi rank very minimal time.
Servicing From: 12 Years
                   Fares & Services:
Airport to City
Vehicle Day(40 kms) Night(40 kms)
Innova Rs.850/- Rs.850/-
Indigo Marina Rs.750/- Rs.750/-
Indica Rs.650/- Rs.650/-
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Address: Door No: 14/4/A 4D, Bharani Complex, Minister Road, Begumpet, Hyderabad.
Branches/Locations: Hyderabad

Rank: #2 | Meru Cabs
Rating: 4.5/5 |Phone Number:+91 40 44224422 | Website:
About company: Meru Cabs in Hyderabad has a fleet of more than 800 cabs that handles the transpiration to the airport and other corners in the city. Meru Cabs was launched in Mumbai in April 2007 and It is one of the best and the most used radio taxi services in the world.. Guests enjoy a relaxed ride in an air conditioned cabin and equipped, which is readily available 24/7. Received an e-bill at the end of the transist gives the client tamper proof billing. Meru Cabs offers a reliable taxi services, focusing on every point of contact with clients and designing systems, processes or technologies that will provide a reliable interface. Meru Cabs has also got GPS/GPRS facility in all cabs to keep the track of the cab while on the move  for the safety of passengers.
Servicing From: 7 years
                   Fares & Services:                      Hyderabad
Duration Day Night
For 1st 2 kms Rs.40/- Rs.50/-
After 2nd km Rs.21/km Rs.26/km
Waiting Charges Rs.1/min Rs.1.25/min
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Address: Plot No: 2 & 3, 5th Floor, Opp: Botanical Gardens, Ekta Towers, White Field, Kondapur, Hyderabad
Branches/Locations: Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Jaipur

Rank: #3 | Dot Cabs
Rating: 4.2/5 |Toll Free Number:+91 40 2424242 | Website:
About company: Dot Cabs is a great taxi service that are hired from all parts of the city. It has a fleet of taxis, modern air-conditioned, GPS enabled radio. The company provides services at reasonable rates. It offers several affordable packages for travelers. It has three car brands Innova, Indica and Verito/Indigo. Taxi drivers are educated and trained to drive taxis safely. They have a good knowledge of the routes of the city. They are very professional and offer friendly customer service. The company provides reliable service. Customers are charged a fair price according to the meter.
Servicing From: 6 years
                  Fares & Services:                   Airport to City
Vehicle Day(40 kms) Night(40 kms)
Innova Rs.890/- Rs.890/-
Verito/Indigo Rs.790/- Rs.790/-
Indica Rs.690/- Rs.690/-
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Address: House No 6-2-46, 3rd Floor, Moin Court, Near Saleem Function Hall, A C Guards, Hyderabad
Branches/Locations: Hyderabad

Rank: #4 | Yellow Cabs
Rating: 4 | Phone Number:+91 40 46464646 | Website:
About company: Yellow Cabs is one of the leading companies of taxi services in Hyderabad and Bangalore, which was started from 2005 in Hyderabad and now opened its services in Bangaluru city also and it is a friendly neighborhood cab service provider in Hyderabad and Bangaluru. Yellow Cabs is recognized as a leader in the provision of luxury cabs service efficient, safe and reliable to the cutomers at anytime anywhere. Yellow cabs is committed in providing the best taxi service in having a very dedicated team of call center executive and top drivers to provide excellent service to Hyderabad and Bangalore citizens, no matter where you are in Hyderabad and Bangaluru will reach your place 10 minutes before the pickup time.
Servicing From: 9 years
                    Fares & Services:                    City to Airport
Vehicle Plan-1(30 kms) Plan-2(40 kms)
Innova/Tavera Rs.800/- Rs.900/-
Verito/Indigo Rs.600/- Rs.700/-
Indica Rs.500/- Rs.600/-
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Address: Near Old Airport, Bowenpally, Hyderabad
Branches/Locations: Hyderabad & Bangaluru

Rank: #5 | City Cabs
Rating: 3.7/5 | Phone Number:+91 40 66206620 | Website:
About company: City Cabs is a name synonymous with travel in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad for over 14 years now. Launched in 2000 with about a handful of taxis, City Cabs has since never looked back and steadily rose through the ranks and became the pioneer of this new service concept to the twin cities with more than 300 taxis your service.Since then, City Cabs and service were considered a benchmark for other companies in the field of passenger service.
Servicing From: 14 years
                   Fares & Services:                
Out Station Drop
Vehicle Day-per km Night-per km
Innova Rs.20/- Rs.22/-
Logan Rs.14/- Rs.16/-
Indica Rs.16/- Rs.18/-
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Address: Ground Floor, Karan Apartment, Near Railway Station, Opposite Post Office, Begumpet, Hyderabad
Branches/Locations: Hyderabad

Rank: #6 |Green Cabs
Rating: 3.5 | Phone Number:+91 40 24606060 | Website:
About company: One of the major taxi services in Hyderabad is Green Cab. Its slogan called "luxury to economy," which means that you can avail the services of Green Cab at a much lower than other providers taxi cost and enjoy the same luxury service even higher. Furthermore taxi services for airport pick-up & drop, travel the city, packets in bulk and resort company also provides rental cars. You can rent a car for any occasion whether it is for commercial purposes, marriage or just leisure. Their call center is open 24x7 and you can call anytime day or night to benefit from their services. The taxi company provides taxi services in local Hyderabad and Around across Andhra Pradesh.
Servicing From: 6 years
                   Fares & Services:
Airport Package
Vehicle Airport-City City-Airport
Indica Rs.450/- Rs.590/-
Indigo/Verito Rs.500/- Rs.650/-
Innova Rs.800/- Rs.900/-
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Address: Plot No 5-9-14, Ali Khan Estates, Opp To Secretariat, Saifabad, Khairatabad, Hyderabad
Branches/Locations: Hyderabad & Vizag

Rank: #7 |Sky Cabs
Rating: 3.2/5 | Phone Number:+91 40 49494949 | Website:
About company: The Cab service is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company is proud to announce the launch of SKY CABS as it is approved by Rajiv Gandhi International Airport radio taxi service. The company has a new fleet of over 400 Mahindra Veritos. Each cab is
outfitted with the latest technical devices like credit card swiping facility with a Detailed bill printout, GPS unit that allows the company to trace the movement of each cab and tariff meter that assists in transparent monetary transaction. To complement the comfort of the new fleet are also well trained, courteous and highly experienced drivers. The company also has a 24x7 call center that helps all the travel needs of clients.
Servicing From: N/A
                   Fares & Services:
Verito/Indigo Tariff
Distance Day Night
For 1st 2 Kms Rs.40/- Rs.50/-
After 2nd Km Rs.21/Km Rs.26.25/Km
Waiting Charges(After 10mins) Rs.1/Min Rs.1.25/Min
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Address: 6-2-338/1,Hill View,Hill Colony, Opp Shadan College Lane, Khairatabad, Hyderabad
Branches/Locations: Hyderabad

Rank: #8 |Ruby Cabs
Rating: 3 | Phone Number:+91 40 66106610 | Website:
About company: Ruby Cabs is a provider of car rentals managed by professionals with a wide range of clients from individual customers. The fleet includes a wide range of vehicle models and Ruby Cabs offers the flexibility of rentals from driver according to customer requirements. The company offer Indica and Innova luxury rental cabs in Hyderabad. Ruby Cabs are proud to have a competent workforce in the office. They choose experienced and polite chauffeurs in the cabs.
Servicing From: 2 years
                   Fares & Services:
Airport Package
Vehicle City-Airport Airport-city
Innova Rs.850/- Rs.799/-
Logan Rs.650/- Rs.599/-
Indica Rs.550/- Rs.499/-
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Address: Deluxe Colony, Toli Chowki, Hyderabad
Branches/Locations: Hyderabad

Rank: #9 |Zee Cabs
Rating: 2.7/5 | Phone Number:+91 40 42424242 | Website:
About company: Zee Cabs are the right choice for the value-conscious customers with its skilled and experienced workforce and has a fleet of well maintained cars available around the clock, 24x7. Zee Cabs have well trained fleet supervisors and good drivers that are available around the clock to assist the client with customer transportation needs. The unparalleled quality of service, supreme quality fleet and reasonable prices, make Zee Cabs the perfect choice for clients rental needs in Hyderabad.
Servicing From: 3 years
                   Fares & Services:
                    Airport Package
Vehicle City-Airport Airport-city
Innova Rs.850/- Rs.800/-
Logan Rs.680/- Rs.600/-
Indica Rs.580/- Rs.500/-
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Address: Humayun Nagar, Hyderabad
Branches/Locations: Hyderabad

Rank: #10 |White Cabs
Rating: 2.5 | Phone Number:+91 40 40059005 | Website:
About company: Whitecabs is one of the best suppliers of cab services in Hyderabad to provide best services to its loyal customers. Whitecabs maintain wide range of cars for taxi services. The cars are always kept in good condition to give clients luxury first class experience.Customer safety is the top most priority for Whitecabs. Whitecabs offer pre approved rates, so this guarantee the fair billing depending on the distance and duration.
Servicing From: 2 years
               Fares & Services:               Airport Package
Vehicle City-Airport Airport-city
Innova/Tavera Rs.900/- Rs.900/-
Verito/Indigo  Rs.650/- Rs.650/-
Indica Rs.550/- Rs.500/-
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Address: White Cabs, Venkatadri Colony, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Branches/Locations: Hyderabad